The Menu of Intervention

The Scottish Strategy’s Menu of Interventions (2014) identifies the main difficulties and challenges that people with ASD commonly experience (Figure below). These are:

•    Understanding the implications of an autism spectrum diagnosis
•    Development of effective means of communication
•    Development of social communication
•    Developing and maintaining relationships
•    Social isolation for individual with autism
•    Social isolation for families
•    Learning to learn skills
•    Predicting and managing change
•    Behaviour and emotional regulation protecting wellbeing
•    Restricted and repetitive interests and behaviours
•    Motivation issues
•    Sensory issues
•    Daily living skills
•    Co-existing conditions (e.g. epilepsy, anxiety etc.)

Menu of intervention.PNG

The Stirling Menu of Interventions Roadshow Event that took place in Stirling on 19 August 2014 was followed by the collation of the information gathered from delegates on the day and can be found here. We plan to work with Autism Network Scotland to merge our local service directory with the Menu of Intervention.