Life Opportunities

The aim of the Autism Strategy for Stirling and Clackmannanshire is to ensure that children and adults with ASD are supported throughout their life journey and are able to experience equal opportunities in terms of their learning, emotional and physical well-being, and quality of life.

Consultation with stakeholders highlighted a number of issues around the clarity of services available locally, as well as the exclusion of individuals with ASD from many main stream opportunities.

Whilst many parents with children of school age report positive experiences in terms of support provided by schools, it is evident that when children leave school that support often falls apart.

In the process of implementing the strategy we have developed a Directory of Services which holds information for over 180 local services. The directory includes information on the type of service provided, eligibility criteria, route of referral, and contact details.

The range of support available is categorised under the following headings:

  • Children’s Day Care and Care at Home Services
  • Services for Early Years
  • Education Support
  • Residential schools for children
  • Adult Day Care and Care at Home Services
  • Residential Services for adults
  • Further Education Support Services
  • Employment Support Services
  • Information Services
  • Advocacy Services
  • Social Groups and Leisure Activity Centres
  • Carer Support Services
  • Training Services
  • Respite and Short Break opportunities for people with ASD
  • Respite and Short Break opportunities for Carers
  • Sexual Health and Relationship Services
  • Mediation and Legal Services
  • Benefits advice

To access the Directory of Services click here.


CKFriends is a safe, secure social network for people with learning difficulties aged 16 and over.

CKFriends is an online community that enables people with learning difficulties to share their hobbies, interests and keep in touch with old and new friends.

CKUK monitor the site daily and take great care to make it a safe internet places for adults with learning difficulties. More information here.


Independent Living Training Programme


The programme offers a range of practical sessions based within our purpose built simulated independence living flat located on the premises and has been specifically designed to offer learning through a mix of practical and project based learning.


Topics which will be covered include:

  • Having your own home
  • Wellbeing
  • Money Management
  • Computer Skills
  • Building Employability Skills


Participants will be supported by qualified trained staff that will look to develop their understanding of the principals of living independently. The programme will cover every day functions such as preparing food, budgeting, how to remain safe whilst building confidence and practical skills across a number of functional areas.

Momentum Skills

Established in 1990, Momentum Skills now operates from 16 locations across the UK and assists some 2,500 people to achieve their goals each year. Momentum Skills founds all of its services on the fundamental principle that the service user and those closest to him or her, are the primary authorities on what the person wants from life.

The Independent Living Programme

Funded by the Scottish Government and in partnership with Falkirk Council the Independent Living Programme supports clients with ASD from Falkirk and the surrounding areas. The project runs 2 days per week for up to 10 weeks and engages with individuals with ASD to support them towards attaining and sustaining their own independent living and tenancy by developing their skills in relation to activities of daily living.


Referrals to the service can be done yourself over the telephone, in person, or by letter. You can also be referred in from any services you may be involved with such as:

  • Jobcentre Plus     
  • Local Council Authorities
  • Local health care professionals such as GPs and Community Mental Health Teams.

To know more about this programme, download the leaflet here.