How autism is presented in an adult?

There are some signs of autism that may suggest an ASD diagnosis. Here are some of the red flags in an adult:

  • Literal understanding of communication
  • Difficulties in social communication and interaction
  • Social akwardness/ aloofness
  • Difficulties in understanding body language and facial expressions
  • Limited use of gestures and reduced facial expressions
  • Difficulties in understanding teasing
  • Unusual prosody of language, including rhythm, pitch, volume of speech
  • Limited range of interests and narrow topics of discussion
  • Rigid daily routines
  • Inappropriate or immature understanding of sexuality
  • Suffering from secondary mental health conditions related to their difficulties, such as obsessive compulsive behaviours, depression, phobias and anxieties around routines and social interactions
  • May show signs of dyspraxia which is a problem of motor coordination that can impact both fine and gross motor skills, such as hand writing and gait

For more information the red flags and adults please search on The National Autistic Society or on the NHS Choices