Autism Transition App

Transition Autism App for Android Platforms

The Transition Workstream in partnership with the University of Stirling are developing an Autism App Transition Passport. The App has been developed as a proof of concept on an Android platform and is specifically designed to support smooth transitions for individuals with ASD. It will also be suitable for building a profile information page to assist individuals with ASD share key information about themselves; for example to facilitate a hospital stay, or to ensure they are as prepared as possible for an interview or meeting.

What is the App for?

Users of the App can input information, e.g. on their preferred method of communication, or likes and dislikes, record their own voice and/or include photos. Precise content as well as font size and Autism friendly colour schemes can be self-selected and the App allows sharing with others by e-mail. This method of technology is particularly suited to individuals with ASD, as they tend to be good visual learners and adept at using IT. It is also suitable for less able individuals as it can be used by families and carers on their behalf.

The App will enable the user to build a profile information page to assist in sharing key information, for example to facilitate a hospital stay, or ensure individuals are as prepared as possible for an interview or a meeting. The App has also a series of check lists and will enable individuals to build their own checklists, for example, to assist with independent travelling. The App includes a series of emotion icons to help users share their feelings about a range of situations, for example: being in a crowded place, or sensitivity to loud noises.

Name the App Competition: Winner soon to be announced!

We would like to invite you to vote for the App's name as we have received a few suggestions. Please can you take a couple of minutes to select your top three names. The name with the most votes will be the winner and this will be announced on Thursday 30th June 2016.

To vote for your preferred name, please click here

How to download the App onto your Android platform

Please change the Settings -> Security and then toggle the: Allow unknown sources, in order to install the app.

To download the App please follow the link here:!20849&authkey=!ABqQ4LKSf_VOUtQ&ithint=file%2capk (open the link from your Android platform) and follow the instruction. Once downloaded, Click on the App icon to start using it.

Questions/ problems?

If you have any queries about the App or experience difficulties downloading it to your platform, please contact us at