Autism checklists

The Autism Research Centre (ARC) at the University of Cambridge has developed an Autism Checklist. These checklists can help parents identify behavioural and developmental traits that could suggest a possible Autism diagnosis. There are two main tools that are of particular benefit:

AQ (Autism Spectrum Quotient, Child)

The questionnaire is to be completed by the parents/guardian of a child aged 4 and above. Parents/guardians are asked to rate a set of 50 questions and respond as “definitely agree”, “slightly agree”, “slightly disagree”, “definitely disagree”. For example, does the child prefer to do things on her/his own rather than with others, or does the child get so strongly absorbed in one thing that he/she loses sight of other things?

Eyes Test (Child)

In this test, the participant is asked to identify the emotions conveyed in a child’s eyes by selecting one out of 4 possible emotions (see picture below).

CHAT (Check List for Autism in Toddlers)

Used by GPs or Health Visitors during their 18 month developmental check-up. CHAT asks 9 questions which are addressed to parents (e.g. Does your child ever bring objects over to you?) and 5 observations to be carried out by the health visitor (e.g. during the assessment has the child made eye contact with you?).

To access these Autism Checklists visit the Autism Research Centre website. Please note that these tests are not used for diagnosis but can be helpful as screening tools.


Eye Test.PNG