Glossary of terms

AS: Asperger Syndrome

ASC: Autism Specrtum Condition

ASD: Autism Sprectrum Disorder

CEAT: Community Early Assessment Team

Co-morbidities: Two or more existing conditions that are in addition to an initial diagnosis

Diagnosis: when someone is told what his or her medical condition is

Eligibility: Where a Council or Health Service agrees who can have support

Inclusion: Where people are supported to live their lives in the same way as everyone else

HFA: High Functioning Autism

NES: NHS National Education Scotland

NICE: National Institute for Clinical Excellence

NHS: National Health Service

OT: Occupational Therapy

Outcome: The difference something makes

Pathway: A map that sets out what people can expect from services

Personalisation: Services that are tailored to the needs of the individual

SIGN: Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

Strategy: A plan that sets out what should be done to make things better

Transition: A process or period of change